What size wire do I need for a 220 tanning bed?

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What size wire do I need for a 220 tanning bed?

Assuming all the terminals are rated for 75°C, 4/0 conductors should handle 220 amperes @ 240 volts. If the tanning bed doesn’t actually pull 220 amperes (which I’m sure it doesn’t).

What kind of wire do I need for a tanning bed?

There is #10 cable or wire used on 30 amp circuits (120v and 240v). If this is cable not individual wires you can use it on a two pole 20 amp breaker for the tanning bed. The white wire of a cable by code will need to be recolored black, or red or any color but gray or green (or white).

Are all tanning beds 220 volt?

The standard for tanning beds is 220 Volts, much like an electric dryer or oven range. It is very important to provide the proper power for your home tanning bed.

What size breaker do I need for tanning bed?

20 Amp
All 120 Volt tanning beds with 16 or less lamps require a NEMA 5-15R receptacle (pictured above left) and a dedicated 15 Amp circuit breaker, while all 120 Volt tanning beds with more than 16 lamps require a NEMA 5-20R receptacle (pictured right) and a 20 Amp dedicated circuit breaker.

How many amps is a 220 breaker?

If you have 2 220 outlets and each one is 20 amps. You’ll need to use #8 wire for the whole circuit including a 40 amp breaker.

Does a tanning bed use a lot of electricity?

Although many people may think otherwise, a tanning bed requires little more electricity than your average kitchen appliance (usually 120 to 220 volts).

Can a tanning bed be plug into a regular outlet?

The power sources most likely needed to power your home tanning bed will be one of the three NEMA 5-15R, NEMA 5-20R, or NEMA 6-20R receptacles. It is also a great residential use power strip with rotating outlets, keeping your cords organized. Of course, you can protect your bed easily by unplugging it when not in use.