What to put as references on resumes?

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What to put as references on resumes?

Generally, the best people to include as references are:Current or former manager or direct supervisor.Current or former co-worker.Current or former employees/direct reports.Academic advisor.Professional mentor.

Can I use your name as a reference?

After the required number of people agree to be references, list them on your job application or resume with each one’s full name, job title, company or department, phone number, email and mailing address. You might also include your relationship with that person.

Can I use my girlfriend as a reference?

You know her personally, therefore you qualify as a personal reference.

Are 2 references enough?

Keeping control of your references is important. The preferred approach is for you to suggest one or two references most relevant for the job you’ve applied to. If the employer asks for more names, or makes a specific request – such as wanting to speak to your most recent boss – you can respond accordingly.