What uniform did the US army wear in Vietnam?

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What uniform did the US army wear in Vietnam?

The OG-107 uniform was introduced in 1952, and, succeeding the M1943 Uniform, it became the standard for use both in the United States and on overseas deployment by the beginning of the Vietnam War.

Did the Vietnamese wear uniforms?

Black with short sleeve shirt with blue and red “flag” pinned to proper left pocket. Brown wool pants. They used makeshift weapons, had a variety of uniforms, and avoided traditional combat, making it difficult to know who exactly the enemy was. …

What Navy uniform do you wear to a funeral?

1. Members of the service attending a military funeral in an official or unofficial capacity should wear service dress uniform of the season or as directed by the CAC/FHS Coordinator or other appropriate authority. 2. Naval funerals are very seldom, postponed because of inclement weather.

Do schools in Vietnam have uniforms?

Most schools in Vietnam requires uniform, and the rules on uniform vary from schools and areas. The most common type of uniform consists of a white shirt with school logo on left sleeve and navy/black trousers, with a red scarf for students from grade 3 to grade 9.

Was M81 used in Vietnam?

The camouflage helmet and shelters issued in the 1950’s survived, though. 1960s: There was no new official camouflage uniform for fighting in Vietnam. In the late 1970s, the large four-color pattern of black, brown, green and khaki, called M81 woodland, became the new standard U.S. camouflage.

Does the Navy still have blue uniforms?

The blue has been worn since 2008. The Navy first announced the shift away from the blue uniforms 2016 as a way for all sailors to have the same look regardless of job while also providing a more comfortable uniform. Commands across the Navy have been phasing in the new uniform since 2017.

Who did the US fight with in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The conflict was intensified by the ongoing Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Why do Vietnamese wear black?

Wearing black is normal in Vietnam – as is wearing any other colour. The Viet Cong traditionally, or perhaps culturally wore black clothing. The colour that is worn here to signify grief and mourning is white.

Can I wear my navy dress whites to a funeral?

Dress whites are acceptable as formal attire during the summer, but dress blues would be a more appropriate choice for a funeral. They will be hot and uncomfortable, though. If anyone else will be in uniform (especially an honor guard), coordinating your uniform selection with theirs can be a good idea as well.