What version is industrial craft?

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What version is industrial craft?

Type Technological
Latest Version 2.8.170
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Website IndustrialCraft Forums

Who made industrial craft?

Current developers Player Aroma1997 estebes Chocohead
Past developers Alblaka alexthesax Drashian Elemtalist RichardG Feanturi tahu44 Lurch1985 GregoriusT Thunderdark

What is industrial craft mod?

Industrial Craft 2 Mod 1.12. 2/1.11. 2, often stylized as IC2, is a mod for Minecraft based around industrial processes. IC2 introduces numerous features across various areas in Minecraft, including resource processing, mining, agriculture and the player’s armoury itself.

What does industrial craft add?

Industrial Craft is a mod designed to add in industrious blocks and items, obviously. The main item in IndustrialCraft is EU. EU (Energy Units) is created by generators which feed that energy to machines and/or energy storage devices. Machines do amazing things and make your Minecraft experience more comfortable.

How do you install industrial craft?

Install industrial craft 2 on Minecraft 1.10. 2 (Forge)

  1. Download Minecraft forge for Minecraft 1.10. 2 from this link.
  2. Open the installer, select ‘client’ make sure the path is set to the correct Minecraft location. And keep the mercurius checkmark checked!
  3. Click install.

What does industrial craft do?

IndustrialCraft 2 (IC2) adds a variety of electrically-powered machines to the Minecraft world, bringing Minecraft to the Industrial Age and beyond. It offers machines that can double ore output and generate power, as well as nuclear power and quantum armor.

How do you get the Wither storm mod?

In order to spawn a Wither Storm, you need its fusion item, which is done by either surrounding a wither skeleton or nether star with two soul sand at the side, 3 wither skeleton skulls on top, and two diamond blocks top right and left corner.

How do I install Minecraft Forge?

How to install Minecraft Forge

  1. Download Minecraft Forge at the official website. Make sure you double check your version, so you download the correct one.
  2. Open the downloaded installer, which will bring up the installation process.
  3. Open the Minecraft Launcher and change the profile to ‘forge’.

What power does industrial craft 2 use?

*The Electronic Circuit is another common Industrial component that you’ll see around a lot of IndustrialCraft 2 recipes. You probably guessed it! The Electric Furnace uses electricity, instead of Coal, Wood, etc., to burn items. Now we just have to place the Electric Furnace and the Generator.

What is mod craft?

A mod (short for “modification”) is anything that changes Minecraft’s game content from what the “official” version originally was, such as the addition of new items, crafting recipes, blocks, and mobs; changes to existing items, blocks, or mobs; or fixes to certain bugs.

How do you make a Minecraft mod pack?

For more detailed info on how to create a Minecraft mod pack, check here: How to make a Minecraft mod pack. 1.) Login/Register on the Platform. 2.) Click on your username to open a dropdown menu. Now select “Create a Modpack”. 3.) Now fill out the required information.

How do you download Minecraft mods?

To download a Minecraft mod, go to a trusted site like MinecraftMods or your LearnToMod account, browse the list of user-created mods, and click on one that you find interesting. You can read its description to find out more, then click the Code or Download button, and add a copy of it in your own LearnToMod account.