What was happening at Larkhill?

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What was happening at Larkhill?

During this time, Number Five collected supplies of ammonia and fertilizer and used them to orchestrate his escape. Arranging the chemicals in a pattern on the floor, he caused a huge explosion which devastated the prison block. Horribly burned by the flames, he nonetheless broke free of Larkhill.

Who hallucinates at a resettlement camp V for Vendetta?

Finch has gone to Larkhill, and the “poison” he ordered is actually LSD. He takes a few tablets in hopes of reaching an understanding of what happened at Larkhill. He has a series of hallucinations that end with him in room five where he has a breakthrough like V and experiences freedom from the prison of his mind.

What happened to Evey’s brother in V for Vendetta?

Character differences Evey’s trust of V develops quicker in the novel, but a more romantic angle is developed in the film. The background of her family is changed. In the film, she has an older brother who is killed by a virus that was secretly developed from the experiments on V and other inmates at Larkhill.

What is V’s last request to Evey?

He tells Evey that the Victoria Line is blocked between Whitehall and St. James, and asks Evey to give him a “Viking funeral.” Evey weeps beside V, unable to believe that her friend and hero is dead.

Does Evie fall in love with V?

In the comic book series, V abandons Evey after he kills Lilliman; in the film, she runs away from V after attempting to betray him to Lilliman, then goes to Deitrich for protection. Evey does form a relationship with Deitrich, but the two do not become lovers, as he is homosexual.

Why was Larkhill chosen for V for Vendetta?

Alan Moore stated in the notes to V for Vendetta (ISBN 1-84576-182-0), that he chose Larkhill because of the obvious military connections, but also because of a particularly unpleasant hiking trip that he had around the area.

What was the background of V for Vendetta?

The background and identity of V is largely unknown. He was at one point an inmate at ” Larkhill Resettlement Camp “—one of many concentration camps where political prisoners, homosexuals, Black people, Jews, Muslims, Indians, Pakistanis, and others deemed undesirable by the gov’t are exterminated by Britain’s new fascist regime.

What happens to Valerie Page in V for Vendetta?

Ruth is apprehended by Norsefire’s secret police, the Finger, while buying food. Shortly afterwards, Valerie is arrested and sent to Larkhill resettlement camp (Valerie writes that she learned that Ruth betrayed her to the authorities under torture and later committed suicide in her cell out of guilt).

Who is Eric Finch in V for Vendetta?

Eric Finch, the head of the “Nose” (the Party’s detective division) and one of Norsefire’s most powerful officials, reads through the diary, but points out that V wanted them to read it. V also tore out many pages, which possibly left clues to his true identity before arriving at the camp.