What was the main difference between Minoan and Mycenaean art?

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What was the main difference between Minoan and Mycenaean art?

While both cultures were masterful in painting sculptures and other forms of art, the Minoans concentrated more on being detailed and nature oriented while the Mycenaeans were more plain and focused more on warlike sculptures.

How were the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations alike How were they different?

The Minoans and Mycenaeans were alike in that they both had similar customs and cultures, and both civilizations participated in trade. The Minoans were people who focused on trade and ship building while the Mycenaeans used war to conquer and seize other lands.

How are Minoans and Mycenaeans different quizlet?

The Minoans was a naval civilization and the Mycenaean were a land civilization and the Minoans DID NOT have fortresses. The Mycenaean culture and the Minoan culture had baths that fitted the human body, and drainpipes. However, the Mycenaeans burned oils to please their gods, instead of ritual baths.

How did the Minoans influence Mycenaean culture?

The influence on the Mycenaeans by the Minoans on Crete has been expressed through their similar yet smaller palatial centres, their burial practices, possession of goods and adoption of common Minoan symbols.

What led to the end of the Minoan civilization?

Volcanic explosion. Three and a half thousand years ago, the tiny Aegean island of Thera was devastated by one of the worst natural disasters since the Ice Age – a huge volcanic eruption. This cataclysm happened 100km from the island of Crete, the home of the thriving Minoan civilisation.

Why are historians not sure if the Trojan War really happened?

Why is history not sure if the Trojan War really happened? There is more legend than actual facts. There is no evidence that the war took place the way the legends suggest. What led to the creation of a military society in Sparta?

What did the Minoans and Mycenae and have in common?

The Mycenaeans and the Minoans both reigned and traded in and around the Aegean Sea. Although they thrived in different parts of Greece, the Aegean Sea was both of their trading roots. The language of the Mycenaeans and the late Minoans were the same – Linear B, although older Minoan society was spoken in Linear A.

What did the Mycenaeans borrow from the Minoan culture?

The Mycenaeans learned many Minoan customs and adapted Minoan ways to fit their own culture. The process by which a culture takes ideas from other cultures is known as cultural borrowing. The Mycenaeans borrowed Minoan religious beliefs. They changed Minoan art styles and pottery designs to make them more warlike.

Why are the Minoans called the Minoans?

Minoans were a sea-based nation with Crete as their capital. Their name came from the legendary king Minos of Crete. The civilization lasted about 2000 years from around 3000 B.C. to 1100 B.C., but the highlight was the first half of the second millennium B.C.

Did the Minoans create Ancient Greek civilization?

Their commercial contact with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia undeniably influenced their own culture, and the Minoan civilization in turn appeared as the forerunner of the Greek civilization . The Minoans are credited as the first European civilization.