What was the worst Blizzard in Alaska?

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What was the worst Blizzard in Alaska?

The pass also holds the Alaska record for the most snow in a single day: 62 inches (160 cm) fell on December 29, 1955. The pass was named in 1899 by U.S. Army captain William Abercrombie “in compliment to Hon….

Thompson Pass
Range Chugach Mountains
Coordinates 61°07′43″N 145°43′47″WCoordinates: 61°07′43″N 145°43′47″W

How deep does snow get in Alaska?

For most of winter, Anchorage has at least three inches of snow on the ground. Snow mostly accumulates during January to March. Typically, on half the days in those months, the snow covering Anchorage amounts to ten or more inches deep.

What is the longest it has ever snowed?

More on 24-Hour Snowfall State Records

  • Oldest records: The two records that have stood the longest are 36 inches in Astoria, Illinois, during the 24 hours ending Feb.
  • Two states with less than a foot in 24 hours: Florida and Hawaii are the only two states with record 24-hour snowfall totals of less than one foot.

What was the winter like in 2011?

Overall, snow for the season was well below normal. The winter ended with unprecedented warmth in March leading to a very early spring (80+ degrees in March!). March became the warmest month on record relative to normal (13 degrees above normal at Cleveland)….Winter 2011-12 Review.

2011-2012 Toledo
Dec 11 3.3
Jan 12 6.7
Feb 12 5.7
Mar 12 3.7

What was the name of the winter storm in 2013?

The storm also received names such as Winter Storm Nemo, Blizzard of 2013, or just simply Blizzard 2013 . On February 19, 2013, an extratropical disturbance developed in the Gulf of Alaska. Within the next few days, the system rapidly intensified, before attaining a minimum low pressure of 984 millibars on February 22.

Where did the winter start in North America in 2012?

The 2012–13 North American winter started out somewhat early, as the remnants of Hurricane Sandy brought heavy snow to the mountains of West Virginia in late October. Later, a strong nor’easter affected the weary Northeast, hampering storm recovery efforts and dropping several inches of snow.

What was the most notable event of the winter 2012?

The rest of the winter featured several other notable events, such as a Christmas winter storm that affected most of the eastern part of the country, and the most notable event occurring in early February, when a powerful blizzard struck the Northeast and bringing record snow to some areas.