When did Alcort stop making Sunfish?

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When did Alcort stop making Sunfish?

The SUPER SAILFISH was produced in fiberglass in 1959 and the SUNFISH manufacturing process was changed over to fiberglass in 1960. The SAILFISH was phased out in 1962, and the SUPER SAILFISH a few years later. Alcort stopped selling kits in the mid-60s. By 1982 over 200,000 SUNFISH had been sold.

Is a Sunfish easy to sail?

The Sunfish was developed by Alcort, Inc. and first appeared around 1952. Having a crab claw sail with its simple two line rigging makes a Sunfish simple to learn to sail and set up. Upgrades can be added to enhance sail control for competitive sailing, but ultimately the Sunfish is the ideal boat to learn to sail.

How fast can a Sunfish sailboat go?

He says the hull speed is theoretically 6 knots, but I’ve gone quite a bit faster than that before on a Sunfish before a storm rolled in. Typically, when a sailboat exceeds its maximum hull speed, it runs the bow into the water and causes the boat to pitchpole or potentially sink.

What do Sunfish sailboats weigh?

Sunfish (sailboat)

Hull weight 120 pounds (54 kg)
LOA 13 feet 9 inches (4.19 m)
Beam 4 feet 1 inch (1.24 m)
Hull appendages

Is a sunfish fast?

Sunfish comprise a group of five unique species that roam the deep waters of the world. Though they are fast-growing and cumbersome, don’t be fooled into thinking that sunfish can’t fend for themselves! Sunfish are voracious predators and one of the ocean’s greatest eaters.

Can you sink a Sunfish?

It features a Lateen style rig and shallow v-shaped fully sealed hull. This makes the boat particularly beginner-friendly because despite fully swamping, it will not sink.

How much weight can a Sunfish hold?

Hull Weight – 120 lbs. Capacity 1 – 2 People. Skill Level Beginner.