Where are Yamaha golf carts manufactured?

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Where are Yamaha golf carts manufactured?

Newnan, Georgia
Yamaha Motor Corporation manufactures some of the best gas and electric golf and utility vehicles available. All Yamaha vehicles are manufactured in Newnan, Georgia, USA.

How much is a brand new Yamaha golf cart?

Yamaha – NEW When purchasing a brand new Yamaha golf cart, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

How much is a Yamaha electric golf cart?

PowerTech AC 48V Electric PTV: $7,575.00 Colors Include- Carbon(Beryllium Gray), Bluestone, Moonstone(Silver), Rich Brown(Rootbeer), and Sandstone(Gold), Aqua Blue(WR), and Onyx Black.

How much does a 2020 Yamaha golf cart cost?

Yamaha Drive 2 This new Yamaha cart is available for as much as $7,200 or as low as $6,600 or so. The price all varies depending on where you buy the vehicle, as some dealers will provide better deals than others. The low-price range of this cart means that you aren’t going to get a lot of bells and whistles.

Are Chinese golf carts any good?

chinese golf carts comes with a good performing mileage so that you can even go for a good quality ride. chinese golf carts that comes with superb warranty packages.

Are icon golf carts good quality?

ICON Electric Vehicles (EV) are top quality golf carts that will save you up to 50% on comparable golf cart models. ICON EV models include features that other companies charge additional premiums for.

Where can I buy a Yamaha golf car?

We distribute new Yamaha golf cars throughout a six-state area and used golf cars of most brands throughout the US. Our new product territory includes the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas thus making us the “Largest golf car distributor in the continental United States”.

What to expect from a Yamaha golf car?

LEAD TO COMFORT. With Yamaha, you can expect the most comfortable and luxurious ride, every time. With industry-leading Drive2 features including the widest seats on the market, the largest occupancy space and a stylish, automotive dash, you simply will not want to ride any other way.

Where does the club logo go on a Yamaha golf?

We place your club logo decal on the golf car hood and incorporate it into the fleet number. Center stamped with our signature Tuning Fork mark, these mag style wheel covers are the perfect complement to your fleet. Fits all Yamaha models with 8-inch wheels.

How much does a Yamaha Golf Drive weigh?

Seating4 Power OptionsGas/Electric Cargo Capacity400 lbs Learn MoreFind a Dealer GOLF DRIVE2UMAX Explore Golf Drive2- Fleet Seating2 Power OptionsGas/Electric Speed15mph Learn MoreFIND YOUR REP Concierge 4 Seating4 Power OptionsGas/Electric Speed19mph