Where can I find the Prometric test program?

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Where can I find the Prometric test program?

Search for your test program page to schedule, reschedule, confirm, locate, or prepare for your test. Learn more about Prometric’s solutions, review white papers, case studies, and other resources.

Who is the new CEO of Prometric LLC?

Prometric Announces Roy Simrell as New CEO Prometric LLC (“Prometric”), a global leader in test development, test delivery and data services, today announced that Roy Simrell has joined the com…. Baltimore, MD. 5 September 2019.

Where can I find customer service for Prometric?

Please search for your state to locate customer service contact information for your area. For additional information and/or contact details for your testing program, please search for your test sponsor page. Please choose your designation and course of action. Then complete and submit the form.

How to schedule a CPA exam with Prometric?

Please visit www.prometric.com/cpa 24-hours before your scheduled exam to confirm your appointment. If you have been approved for Special Accommodations by your Board, you must call the following number to schedule: 800-967-1139 or click here Important Information about your Test Event!

When to notify Prometric of a technical problem?

Exam P, FM, IFM, SRM, STAM and GIINT candidates that experience a technical difficulty during their exam must raise your hand and notify a Prometric Staff member for the purposes of trouble-shooting and documentation. If the onsite Prometric Staff is unable to resolve the technical issue, you must register a complaint with Prometric.

Where can I find a seat for Prometric?

Look for available seats at Prometric testing centers within a 100 mile radius of your location. If there are no available seats in your region, keep checking the Prometric website as seating is fluid and a spot may open up. Only contact SOA when there are a few days left before the start of the exam window.

What are the rights and responsibilities of Prometric?

Where such monitoring reveals unauthorized access or use, Prometric shall invoke all applicable rights to investigate and prosecute violators through subsequent civil and/or criminal proceedings.