Where in Spain is Mijas Costa?

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Where in Spain is Mijas Costa?

Costa del Sol Occidental
Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, Mijas belongs to the region of Costa del Sol Occidental. Its center is a typical Andalusian white-washed village, Mijas Pueblo, located on a mountainside about 430 metres or 1,476 feet above sea level, in the heart of the Costa del Sol region.

What towns are in Mijas Costa?

Mijas Costa Guide

  • Alhaurín el Grande.
  • Alozaina.
  • Antequera.
  • Benahavís.
  • Benalmádena.
  • Cártama.
  • Casares.
  • Coín.

What is the difference between Mijas and Mijas Costa?

Mijas Pueblo (the hillside village) Mijas Costa (main commercial and residential area adjacent to (but not strictly part of) Fuengirola. La Cala de Mijas (separate village and small resort by the sea to the west) Las Lagunas (largely suburban and mixed commercial to the north of Fuengirola).

How far is Mijas Costa from the beach?

Travelling from west to east and leaving Marbella municipal district just after Cabopino one enters Mijas Costa where coast road is less than 50m back from the seafront.

Is Mijas worth visiting?

If you want to discover traditional Andalucian lifestyle, Mijas is probably not the first place to go, however, you can’t deny its incredible charm and authentic beauty. It is definitely worth visiting and below are some tips to help you to plan your trip.

What does Mijas mean in English?

Literally meaning “my daughter,” mija is used as a familiar and affectionate address to women, like “dear” or “honey,” in Spanish.

Is cabopino Mijas or Marbella?

Cabopino is situated between La Cala de Mijas and Marbella. It is easy to miss but well worth a visit. Its a very small quite place with a small marina.

Does Mijas have a beach?

All the beaches in Mijas are situated along the urbanisations in Mijas Costa. They are equipped with public showers and toilets. During the summer period, lifeguards take care of the families with kids and the active tourists on the beach and in the sea.

How much is a taxi from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo?

The quickest way to get from Fuengirola to Mijas is to taxi which costs €11 – €15 and takes 9 min.

What does Majita mean?

slang South African. In urban (especially township) speech: ‘chap’, ‘guy’; specifically a black youth or a black adult male.

What does mijita mean in Spanish?

From American Spanish mijita, also (in Central America and the Caribbean) mi’jita, affectionate form of address to a female child or younger woman, shortened from mi hijita (although attested only from 1927 as form of address) from mi my + hijita little daughter, little child (from hija daughter + -ita).

What area does Mijas cover?

148.8 km²