Where is the mountain Zugspitzplatt located in Germany?

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Where is the mountain Zugspitzplatt located in Germany?

It lies south of the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the Austria–Germany border runs over its western summit. South of the mountain is the Zugspitzplatt, a high karst plateau with numerous caves.

How tall is the highest peak of the Zugspitze?

At 2,962 metres (9,718 ft) (eastern peak) the Zugspitze is the highest mountain of the Zugspitze massif. This height is referenced to the Amsterdam Gauge and is given by the Bavarian State Office for Survey and Geoinformation.

What are the prevailing winds in the Zugspitze?

From a climatic perspective the Zugspitze lies in the temperate zone and its prevailing winds are Westerlies. As the first high orographic obstacle to these Westerlies in the Alps, the Zugspitze is particularly exposed to the weather.

When was the Schneefernerhaus in Zugspitze built?

The Schneefernerhaus (2,656 m or 8,714 ft) was built in 1930 as the station of the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway. In June 1931 the attached hotel was opened. After the war, US Forces commandeered the house as a “recreation facility”.

Are there discounts for tickets to the Zugspitze?

There are a wide range of individual and combination tickets with various discounts to choose from for the Zugspitze, the Garmisch-Classic resort and Mount Wank. Choose the ticket you want using the individual selection fields. All ticket prices for a visit to the Zugspitze.

How to get to Garmisch from Zugspitze?

However there are several alternative ski slopes in the vicinity of Garmisch. To reach the Classic, best way is to go by regular bus to the bottom cable car station. Otherwise take the old Zugspitze train to same cable car station but expect trains to be packed with other skiers.

How to get to the Zugspitz from Eibsee?

A level lower, at 2,600 metres, the Zugspitz Plateau has excursion and refreshment options to suit everyone. By the Gletscherbahn cable car from the summit or the cogwheel train from the station at Eibsee, guests from all over the world can easily get hands-on with the glacier.