Where is unit 21 in AZ?

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Where is unit 21 in AZ?

Tonto National Forest
The Tonto National Forest encompasses the majority of Unit 21. Access points along Interstate 17 include the Bloody Basin and the Table Mesa roads. Both roads will lead hunters into good mule deer country.

Where is Unit 22 AZ?

Unit 22 North is generally the area north of Payson, and it holds the majority of the elk in the Unit.

What is the best mule deer unit in Arizona?

1st Choice – Arizona Strip Unit 13B: We are sure it is probably no surprise to anyone reading this post that Unit 13B on the Arizona Strip is our number one top pick for the absolute best trophy mule deer unit in the state of Arizona.

What hunting unit is the Arizona Strip?

Unit 13B
Unit 13B, heralded as the “Arizona Strip,” is managed under alternative management guidelines which focus on the harvest of older age class, mature bucks.

Can you hunt in Tonto National Forest?

Hunting is regulated by the state of Arizona and allowed on the Tonto National Forest during open seasons with applicable permits. Contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department for more information on open dates and regulations.

Can you hunt elk in Arizona?

Arizona elk hunting is on a limited draw basis. Hunters must apply in January-February. The archery bull season is averaging 7 tries before the hunter draws. Some lucky guys are drawn for archery bull their first try, while others might take longer than 7.

What hunting unit is Pine AZ?

Whitetail deer can be found in all habitat types occurring in Unit 22, from the semi-desert grassland areas through the ponderosa pine forests under the Mogollon Rim. However, most of the whitetail population occurs in the chaparral vegetation zones extending from the Four Peaks area northward to the Mogollon Rim.

Where is the best hunting in Arizona?

Here are five of the best hunting spots in Arizona, all easily accessible from the Phoenix metro area.

  • Woolsey Park Wilderness.
  • Santa Teresa Wilderness.
  • Coconino National Forest.
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
  • Saguaro Lake.

Where are the most deer in Arizona?

Coues deer are most common in Arizona’s southeastern mountains, but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. They are most abundant in areas of predictable summer precipitation.

Where is unit 13A in Arizona?

In 2018, the Department added the 13AN hunt unit for. This hunt unit encompasses the area of 13A north of HWY 389 and west of the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation. Recent surveys in the area indicate a bighorn sheep population distributed throughout the Cottonwood Points Wilderness and adjacent cliff habitat.

What is a Arizona Strip mule deer?

Few places in the West rival the mule deer producing power of Arizona’s units 13A & 13B. These units are often referred to as “The Strip” amongst most muley enthusiasts. Geographically The Strip encompasses 5,074 square miles of northwestern Arizona.

Are there elk in Tonto National Forest?

Hunting on the Tonto National Forest includes: nine out of Arizona’s ten big game species (elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, bear, mountain lion, turkey, and javelina), small game (quail, dove, tree squirrel, rabbit, and migratory birds), fur bearing mammals, and predatory mammals.