Which Bigg Boss season got highest TRP in all languages?

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Which Bigg Boss season got highest TRP in all languages?

Bigg Boss Telugu
Out of all the versions, Bigg Boss Telugu (especially season 4) turned out to be the most successful, with highest rating of all time, beating all the previous records.

Which Bigg Boss season is most popular?

The season that came before this season, that is, season 13 is said to be the most liked season so far and the show also benefited a lot from this season, now season 15 of this show will come, for which the contestants’ The list has been finalized.

Is Bigg Boss 13 Hit or flop?

Salman Khan hosted the season for the tenth time. The finale was scheduled for January, but seeing the popularity of the show, it was given a five-week extension, and it became the longest season. It became the most successful Bigg Boss season since the inception of the series.

Which is season of Bigg Boss gained highest TRP?

According to Bigg Boss’s recent season of Bigg Boss which is season 13 has gained the highest TRP. The show also extended for 4 weeks. That shows the season’s popularity and highest TRP.

What are the ratings for Big Boss 5?

Bigg Boss 5 had ratings of 3.97 in the finale and the average trp of the show for season 5 was 4.19 which was less than Bigg Boss 4 but more than the first three seasons. Bigg Boss 6 was launched with Salman Khan only.

Who is the host of Big Boss 1?

Arshad Warsi was the host of Bigg Boss 1. The launch episode had a rating of 2.36 while the finale episode got some extra points and got 2.87 rating points. Bigg Boss 1 had overall 2.72 average ratings.

Which is the best season of Big Boss in India?

Bigg Boss 13 TRP was so high that the show was extended for 4 weeks and still it got the highest trp during the prime time and became the most successful reality show in India. Bigg Boss 14 will be starting from 3rd October 2020 with Salman Khan and celebrity contestants of bigg boss 2020.