Which DeBarge brother sings rhythm of the night?

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Which DeBarge brother sings rhythm of the night?

El DeBarge
Popular songs led by El DeBarge include “Time Will Reveal”, “Who’s Holding Donna Now”, “Stay with Me”, “All This Love”, and “Rhythm of the Night”. As a solo artist, he is best known for his unique high tenor register, strong falsetto and hits like “Who’s Johnny” and “Love Always”.

What year was DeBarge Rhythm of the Night?

Rhythm of the Night is the fourth studio album by DeBarge, released by Gordy Records on March 14, 1985. It reached #19 on the Billboard 200 and #3 on the R&B Album Chart.

Who did Rhythm of the Night first?

Rhythm of the Night (song)

“Rhythm of the Night”
Songwriter(s) Diane Warren
Producer(s) Richard Perry
DeBarge singles chronology
“Love Me in a Special Way” (1983) “Rhythm of the Night” (1985) “Who’s Holding Donna Now” (1985)

Who wrote Rhythm of the Night DeBarge?

Diane Warren
Hamilton DeanJulian Slatter
Rhythm of the Night/Composers

Who sings this is the rhythm of the night?

Sean Finn
The Rhythm of the Night/Artists

Where is DeBarge family from?

Grand Rapids, Michigan
The DeBarge family is a family of rhythm and blues artists from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Who sang Rhythm of the Night Corona?

The Rhythm of the Night (Rapino Bros 7″ single)/Artists

Who all sang rhythm of the night?

Rhythm of the Night/Artists

Who is the girl singing in Ritmo?

J Balvin
Black Eyed Peas

What race are the DeBarge family?

Family background The DeBarge family are the children of Robert Louis DeBarge, Sr. (1932-2009), an American soldier of French and English descent born in Cicero, Illinois, and Etterlene DeBarge (née Abney), a Black American gospel singer born in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1935.

Is Corona The singer Brazilian?

Corona is an Italian Eurodance band. Formed by the Brazilian-born singer and model Olga Maria de Souza and the producer Francesco “Checco” Bontempi (a.k.a. Lee Marrow), it found commercial success with the worldwide hits “The Rhythm of the Night” (1993) and “Baby Baby” (1995).