Which is the best definition of a fulcrum?

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Which is the best definition of a fulcrum?

The definition of a fulcrum is a pivot point around which a lever turns, or something that plays a central role in or is in the center of a situation or activity. A pivot point around which a lever turns is an example of a fulcrum. A person around whom all activity revolves is an example of the fulcrum.

What is another word for Fulcrum?

What is another word for fulcrum?

axis pivot
hub centerUS
centreUK kingpin
heart point
support focal point

How would you describe the fulcrum of the situation?

If you say that someone or something is the fulcrum of an activity or situation, you mean that they have a very important effect on what happens. The decision is the strategic fulcrum of the Budget.

What is a fulcrum in the human body?

In the human body, a bone forms the lever and the fulcrum is a joint where a bone can move around the pivot point. The effort force is provided by muscles and is applied to the lever system at the point where the muscle’s tendon attaches to the bone serving as the lever.

Is a fulcrum a tool?

Fulcrum is a noun that typically refers to the supporting point of a lever. There are many kinds of fulcrum and lever combinations: a pair of scissors, a garlic press and tweezers are all examples of simple lever tools that work because of a fulcrum.

What is the opposite of a fulcrum?

Opposite of a structure that complements or supplements something else. branch. subsidiary. extension. offshoot.

What is the function of Fulcrum?

The fulcrum is the point on which the beam pivots. When an effort is applied to one end of the lever, a load is applied at the other end of the lever. This will move a mass upward.

What is the definition of Fulcrum in physics?

In physics and mechanics , a fulcrum is “the point against which a lever is placed to get purchase or upon which it turns or is supported. “ (From the OED). The fulcrum is the support about which a lever pivots .

What is the definition of Fulcrum?

Definition of fulcrum. 1a : prop specifically : the support about which a lever turns the camera moves on a fixed fulcrum, either horizontally (panning) or vertically (tilting) — Gerald Mast .

What is the fulcrum or balancing point of a forklift?

The fulcrum is the central pivot point of a seesaw. The front axle is the fulcrum of the forklift where the counterweight and the load find balance.

What is fulcrum in science?

Fulcrum is any pivotal point that supports the movement of a lever. It is also referred to as fulcrum point by many. Usually, there is only one fulcrum or fulcrum point in a lever. Literally, fulcrum had an existence before being endorsed by the scientific community and defined by physicists. Imagine a lever and how it works.