Which is the best quote for a Curvy Girl?

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Which is the best quote for a Curvy Girl?

Curvy Quotes – BrainyQuote. . You have to embrace your body, whether it’s curvy or whatever you may be. You have to embrace who you are. Beauty comes from the inside not out. Cheryl Burke. Beauty Your Body. I’m not slim. I’m a curvy girl: I’ve got thighs and a bum.

What are some quotes about curves and beauty?

“Beauty: it curves, curves are beauty. Shapely goddesses, Venus, Juno: curves the world admires.” “I’ll never be the size that has single digits and my thighs will always touch when I walk but I’m ok with that.” “Rubenesque: the word for masterpiece curves.

Who is the most beautiful woman in curves?

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves. Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Every single woman is beautifully unique, and the sexiest thing she can do is own her curves, embrace her differences, and stand tall in exactly who she is. Nikita Dragun

Who are some famous curvy women that I admire?

Tina Turner is someone that I admire, because she made her strength feminine and sexy. Marilyn Monroe, because she was a curvy woman. I’m drawn to things that have the same kind of silhouettes as what she wore because our bodies are similar. Beyonce Knowles I come from a background where bigger women are appreciated.

Why is it important to be a Curvy Girl?

I’m a curvy girl: I’ve got thighs and a bum. I don’t mind baring the fact that I’ve got a bit of cellulite because everybody has. I find it off-putting when everybody on telly is the same size or looks the same build. For me, it’s important for people to watch someone normal.

What did Shonda Rhimes say about curvy women?

One door shuts, and another one opens, and you just kind of follow that path. My path has been a little curvy, but it is what it is. It’s all good. John Corabi No one’s body is up for comment. No matter how small, how curvy, how round, how flat. If you love you, then I love you. Shonda Rhimes Curvy is something to be proud of. Paloma Faith