Who are the chief clans of Dalriada Ireland?

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Who are the chief clans of Dalriada Ireland?

THE chief clans in Dalriada were as follows:—The O’Cahans, and MacUidhilin or MacQuillan, who held the territory of the Routes, and had their chief seat at Dunluce. The MacDonnells of the Hebrides invaded, A.D. 1211, the territories of Antrim and Derry, where they afterwards made settlements.

What are the names of the clans in COC?

Cool Clan Names For CoC 1 Knaves 2 Evasive Vandals 3 Blood Bashers 4 Spalding 5 Juvenile Thugs 6 Master Savages 7 Instinct 8 3D Clan 9 Helmeted Destroyer 10 Clan Deadly

Who is the leader of the Buganda Clan?

The clan has a hierarchical structure with the clan leader at the top (owakasolya), followed by successive subdivisions called the ssiga, mutuba, lunyiriri and finally at the bottom the individual family unit (enju).

What are the names of the Muganda clan?

A formal introduction of a muganda includes his own names, the names of his father and paternal grandfather, as well as a description of the family’s lineage within the clan that it belongs to.

Where was the overkingdom of Dalriada located?

Dalriada was as an overkingdom that stretched from the west of Scotland, across the North Channel and to the north east of Ireland. Today these are the areas if Argyll in Scotland and some of County Atrim in Ulster.

Who are the families of the Ares of Dalriada?

In the Scottish ares of Dalriada there were four main families each with their own Cheif. The families were Cenél Loairn, Cenél nÓengusa, Cenél nGabráin and Cenél Comgaill.

Where did the Scots of Dalriada come from?

Roberston, citing Bede, claimed that this statement indicated that the ‘Scoti’ were not native but Irish. MacLauchlan, by contrast, claimed that these Scots were natives of the West of Alba.