Who are the members of icon for hire?

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Who are the members of icon for hire?

The band was formed in Decatur, Illinois by vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump. When the two met in 2007, Ariel, upon discovering that Jump played guitar, initiated a musical collaboration between the two of them.

Where was icon for hire first album recorded?

It was recorded with producer Mike Green ( All Time Low, Pierce the Veil) at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood, California. It is a musical departure from the band’s debut album Scripted (2011), incorporating elements of hip hop, electronica, dubstep, and post-hardcore into the band’s previously established hard rock style.

Where can I find Ariel icon for hire?

Dang you’re awesome (thanks!) Hello my darling humans, Ariel here I just wanted to thank you for another great year. Each year we…… Still Can’t Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions is HERE!

When did icon for hire support red on kill the machine?

The tracks were also uploaded to Spotify as singles. Icon for Hire supported Red on their “Kill the Machine” tour in October 2011. They also participated in that year’s Christmas Rock Night festival in Ennepetal, near Düsseldorf, Germany, along with Red and Skillet.

Icon For Hire. Despite their name, ICON FOR HIRE aren’t indebted to anyone but their fans. Since forming in 2007, the duo—singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump—have amassed a legion of followers who have connected with not only the band’s genre-bending sound, but also their honesty.

How much money did icon for hire make?

Visit the Icon for Hire Shop! 3,214 backers pledged $263,082 to help bring this project to life. You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

When did icon Army start the icon Army?

Hey Icon Army, When we started this band a few years back, I could not have guessed I would one……