Who are the Milliman Care Guidelines division of?

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Who are the Milliman Care Guidelines division of?

Milliman Care Guidelines is a division of Milliman USA, and provides its clinical Care Guidelines to many of the firm’s clients in the hospital and insurance industries. Milliman USA, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, serves the full spectrum of business, financial, government and union organizations.

What is a case study of Milliman retirement?

Milliman case study: How we helped a company needing to cut its workforce convince 35% of participants to voluntarily accept early retirement. A Milliman client looks to enhance employees’ level of understanding and engagement in its overall total awards program.

How many years of experience does Milliman communications have?

With over 200 years of combined experience in our team and over two decades of solving problems in our practice, our breadth and depth allows us to scale our solutions to your unique challenges — from filling in gaps and working with your internal resources to developing core communication strategy and taking full control over implementation.

Where are the offices of Milliman and Robertson?

Founded in 1947 as Milliman & Robertson, it has 29 offices in the United States as well as offices in London, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Tokyo. It is a founding member of Milliman Global, an international organization serving insurance, employee benefits, and healthcare clients worldwide.

When did the Milliman hospital stay guidelines come out?

An August 2001 article entitled “Hospital Stay Guidelines: Just Plain Weird” in Medical Economics, pointed out the inaccuracies in the Milliman guidelines as it relates to the number of days a patient should stay in the hospital.

Can a doctor hide behind the Milliman criteria?

One surgeon told us that in his experience, reviewing physicians “hide behind the Milliman criteria, stating they are not withholding care, but merely outlining what is covered as a benefit based on Milliman. Reviewers insist they are not defining standards of care, only covered benefits.

Who is the outside counsel for Milliman Medical?

Tim Muth is Milliman’s outside counsel. He told us that there is a misperception that because Milliman is an actuarial company, the guidelines are developed by actuaries. In fact, the guidelines are developed by medical professionals hired by Milliman.