Who are the two Hamburg Town justices?

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Who are the two Hamburg Town justices?

Phone 716 649-6111 x2391, 2396, 2398 etc.
Judges Town Justices Hon. Gerald P. Gorman & Hon. Walter L. Rooth
Prosecutors Town Prosecutor is Carl Morgan. Erie County DA handles criminal matters.
Type Of Cases Speeding tickets from I-90, along with DWIs, misdemeanors and violations, civil case up to $3000.

What is the town of Hamburg legislative branch called?

The Hamburg Town Board is comprised of four council members, all elected at-large (representing the entire Town, not a specific area), and the Supervisor. Together, these five elected officials comprise the legislative branch of our government.

What are the 3 main responsibilities of the Hamburg Town Board?

matters, including studies, design and construction, inspection, administers special district water and sewer operations. Inspects building and plumbing; approves all building and plumbing permits. of Town residents; apprehends law breakers.

Is Hamburg city or state?

Hamburg is a city-state within the Federal Republic of Germany. Meet the First Mayor, the State Parliament and learn about local politics.

Is Hamburg a state or city?

How many people are on the Hamburg board?

Hamburg is governed by a four-member town board. The town supervisor is James Shaw.

Who is the Clerk of court in Hamburg?

Hon. Carl W. Morgan – Judge’s Clerk Jackie Fisher (716) 649-6116 ext. 4 Court Administrator – Brigid Lavelle (716) 649-6116 ext. 1 Traffic Clerk – Valerie Butera (716) 649-6116 ext. 6 Civil Clerk – Melissa Fahey (716) 649-6116 ext.7 Please be advised that Traffic Court is currently being held on a limited basis only.

Is there a town court in Hamburg NY?

The Town Court is holding limited in-person court matters at this time and there is a reduction in the allowed capacity of the courtroom. Please see detailed information below regarding how other pending matters will be scheduled and/or resolved.

How to pay Hamburg Town Court small claim?

PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN US FUNDS! Please make payable to Hamburg Town Court. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm ONLY. Small Claim proceedings may be brought by any individual against anyone who resides or owns a business in the Town of Hamburg.