Who does Kevin McCarthy represent?

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Who does Kevin McCarthy represent?

California’s 23rd congressional district
Representative Kevin McCarthy R–Bakersfield
Population (2019) 741,557
Median household income $63,550
Ethnicity 47.3% White 37.7% Hispanic 6.5% Black 5.1% Asian 2.5% Two or more races 0.9% other

Who is McCarthy in politics?

Republican Party
Kevin McCarthy/Parties

Where is Senator McCarthy from?

Grand Chute, WI
Joseph McCarthy/Place of birth

What is Kevin McCarthy’s title?

Representative (R-CA 23rd District) since 2013
Kevin McCarthy/Office

How did Kevin McCarthy become minority leader?

After Republicans lost their majority in the 2018 midterm elections, and Speaker Paul Ryan retired, McCarthy was elected minority leader in January 2019, making him the first California Republican to hold the post.

Which district does Kevin McCarthy represent?

What state represents McCarthy?

Joseph McCarthy
McCarthy in 1954
United States Senator from Wisconsin
In office January 3, 1947 – May 2, 1957
Preceded by Robert M. La Follette Jr.

What high school did Kevin McCarthy attend?

California State University, Bakersfield1994
California State University, Bakersfield1989Bakersfield College1984–1985
Kevin McCarthy/Education

Who is current House majority whip?

Current leaders

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D) Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D)
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R)

Who is the House minority leader before McCarthy?

Minority Leaders of the House (1899 to present)

Congress and Years Name Party
113th (2013–2015) PELOSI, Nancy Democrat
114th (2015–2017) PELOSI, Nancy Democrat
115th (2017–2019) PELOSI, Nancy Democrat
116th (2019–2021) MCCARTHY, Kevin Republican

Who was minority leader before McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy (California politician)

Kevin McCarthy
Assumed office January 3, 2019
Deputy Steve Scalise
Preceded by Nancy Pelosi
Leader of the House Republican Conference

Where does Justin McCarthy of McCarthy Construction Company work?

Justin leads all company operations within the Southwest, including Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. His career with McCarthy began as a laborer on a hospital construction project.

What kind of community service does Doug McCarthy do?

Doug’s community service includes St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf where he serves as finance committee chair and member of their executive committee and board of directors, and also serves on the board of directors of Youth in Need. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Illinois State University.

Who is the director of diversity at McCarthy?

With a reputation for leadership within the industry focused on enhancing inclusive cultures and community engagement, Mason joined McCarthy in June 2019 as Director of Diversity and Community Outreach for the McCarthy Southern Region.

Who is the CFO of McCarthy Building Company?

Doug is responsible for the accounting, finance and insurance components of McCarthy including cash management, investments, internal audit financial reporting and risk management. Doug has over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, started with McCarthy in 1994 and has served as CFO since 2008.