Who fixes old juke boxes?

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Who fixes old juke boxes?

Best Jukebox Repair in Los Angeles, CA

  • Wurlitzer Authorized Parts & Service J K Service Company. 1.4 mi. 2978 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006.
  • Pin N Juke. 4.5 mi.
  • Vic Clar Antiques Juke Boxes. 17.0 mi.
  • So Cal Arcade Repair Service. 30.1 mi.
  • Downtown Arcade. 4.9 mi.
  • Smart Stop Wireless. 9.9 mi.
  • LA Computer Doctor. 7.8 mi.

How much is a Seeburg jukebox worth?

Your Seeburg Select-O-Matic 200 is worth about $2,000 to $3,000.

Is Seeburg still in business?

It became the first manufacturer to produce a CD jukebox. It remained in operation for a few years and several models of CD jukeboxes were made during that period. Eventually, the company closed and now nothing remains.

Who owns Seeburg?

Seeburg was founded in 1972 in Springfield by the late Jack Wiser, who expanded the family business to Northwest Arkansas in 1974. His son, David Wiser, assumed ownership of the company in 1987, and launched the A-1 brand two years later.

How much is a 1958 Seeburg jukebox worth?

When they were introduced in January of 1958, they sold to jukebox operators for a pricey $1350. Consider this: you could buy a brand new car for $600-$700 more.

Are old jukeboxes worth anything?

Often, jukeboxes made of wood, chrome, or other metal are considered more valuable than laminate models. Collectors often seek models where you can see a mechanism playing the song. Those with working light shows or with ornate cases usually hold their value.

Where is the Happy Days Jukebox?

At Arnold’s Drive-In, there is a jukebox in the corner on the left of the bathrooms. The jukebox has played several songs, including Hound Dog, Personality, and Exit. It is coin operated, but can be turned on by punching it, but only Fonzie can do that.

What is Seeburg music?

A Seeburg Background Music record is a vinyl record of a non-standard 9 inch (23 cm)-diameter size with a 2 inch (5 cm) center hole. The operator was supposed to replace records in the system with new records of the same number (e.g. MM-125).

Why can’t I hear the jukebox in Minecraft PE 2020?

Assuming that you got Minecraft before 2017, the reason why is because Pocket Edition got its soundtracks and discs in its 1.0 update in 2017. Users who had PE before 2017 had to download a separate “module” for the game for the sounds to load. Even by updating Minecraft PE, you can’t hear the ambience or music discs.

Can you activate jukebox with Redstone?

Active jukeboxes give off a redstone signal when a redstone comparator is placed directly behind it or through an adjoining block; its strength depends on the ID of the inserted disc.

How much does a Seeburg jukebox guide cost?

Seeburg MicroLog Digital Jukebox Trouble Shooting Guide: (About $25.00 retail) This guide is a supplement to the factory printed Service Manuals. It has a brief “system overview”, which covers how the system should work, then Service Notes on the internal components.

Is there a service guide for a Seeburg phono?

This guide is a supplement to the factory printed Service Manuals. It has a brief “system overview”, which covers how the system should work, then Service Notes on the internal components. It then has a trouble shooting guide and procedures to follow that should lead the reader to the exact unit in the phono that is failing.

Is the Seeburg DCC a non-returnable item?

Other then for the DCC’s, it does not go into component repairs, as that’s covered in the Service Manuals, and / or, Tony Miller’s, “Black/Gray Box, Book”. The items are used, dirty and many are untested, all are sold in as-is condition and without warranty and should be considered non-returnable

What kind of selection system did Seeburg use?

It mentions, but does not cover the 4 selection systems Seeburg used during the 50 years the basic mechanism was produced, as they are covered in detail, in the manuals that go with the phono model. Includes a small trouble shooting guide, lube guides, representative schematics, and lots of facts not found in most service manuals.