Who is anybody in West Side Story?

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Who is anybody in West Side Story?

Susan Oakes
Anybodys (Susan Oakes) is a minor character in West Side Story. Her character is loosely based on Balthasar in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet; Balthasar was a servant and informant for Romeo.

Is anybodys a girl or boy?

Equally bold is the inclusion of the character named Anybodys, a teenage girl who identifies as a male and longs to be accepted as a full member of the Jets. Anybodys is Broadway’s first transgender youth.

Who is anybody’s why does she have this name?

Who is Anybody’s? Why does she have this name? How does the gang feel about her? She is someone who wants to belong to the Jets, but they don’t want girls in their group and they think she’s annoying.

Who was the tomboy in West Side Story?

Susan Oakes (Anybodys): Susan Oakes plays Anybodys, the Tomboy tag-a-long to the Jets gang. She just wants to belong, but they don’t want anything to do with her. “West Side Story” (1961) was Oakes’ only film role and she appeared in small roles on three television shows, including “The Lucy Show” (1962).

Is Tony in West Side Story white?

The Jewish girl – who eventually became the Puerto Rican Maria in West Side Story – was a holocaust survivor who had immigrated from Israel. The character that eventually became Tony – the Polish-Irish Catholic boy in West Side Story – was an Irish Catholic.

Who dies in West Side Story?

Tony dies in Maria’s arms, surrounded by members of both street gangs. Maria grabs Chino’s gun and tells the gang members that they are all responsible for the deaths of Riff, Bernardo, and Tony. The police arrive and arrest Chino while members of the Jets and the Sharks carry Tony’s body away.

Who is the leader of the Sharks?

Bernardo is a Puerto Rican migrant and founder/leader of the Sharks, a Hispanic street gang who are in the midst of a turf war with their archenemies, the Jets. He is the older brother of Maria and is Anita’s boyfriend.

What does Maria ask Tony to do when he gets to the bridal shop?


What does Maria ask Tony to do? stop the rumble
Who is the tomboy?____ & what gang does she want to belong to? Anybodys; Jets
Maria’s best friend & Bernardo’s girlfriend ___ Anita
Riff’s girlfriend ___ Velma

Who is Riff’s girlfriend in West Side Story?

Velma: Riff’s girlfriend, young, slithery, sexy, lost in a world of jive.

Are the Jets in West Side Story Polish?

On the west side of New York City, the Jets and the Sharks are Polish and Puerto Rican gangs respectively who hate each other and who battle each other for territory in their neighborhood. The sharks and the jets are rival gangs fighting for the same territory.