Who is Maria Bello and where is she from?

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Who is Maria Bello and where is she from?

Maria Bello (I) Maria Bello was born on 18 April, 1967 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to Kathy, a nurse and teacher, and Joe Bello, a contractor. She is of Italian and Polish descent.

Who is Maria Bello in the TV show Touch?

Maria Bello. Bello is known for her television roles as Dr. Anna Del Amico on the medical drama ER (1997–1998), with other starring roles including that as Lucy Robbins on the series Touch in 2013, as Michelle McBride on the first season of the series Goliath in 2016, and since 2017 as Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane on the series NCIS .

How tall is Maria Bello height and weight?

Height: She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall (165cm). Weight: She weighs 55kg or 121 lbs. Maria Bello at the Craig Ferguson Show!

What did Maria Bello major in at Villanova?

She majored in political science at Villanova University. Following graduation, Bello honed her acting skills in a number of New York theater productions. Bello’s early TV appearances include episodes of The Commish (1991), Due South (1994), Nowhere Man (1995), Misery Loves Company (1995), and ER (1997–98).

Who was Maria Bello in Mr and Mrs Smith?

Bello got her big break in 1996 after she was chosen for the role of Mrs. Smith in the TV series spy show, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, though the series was canceled after eight weeks on the air. Later, she approached for the third season of ER as pediatrician Dr. Anna Del Amico.

Who are Maria Bello and Lorraine Silvera dating?

She often shares a picture with her close friend, Lorraine Silvera and people started speculating whether they are dating or not. Nine years ago this week, a tragic earthquake in Haiti killed more than 230,000 people. Meeting this glorious woman @lolosilvera was the biggest blessing for me to come out of that tragedy.

What did Dominique Crenn say about Maria Bello?

Crenn, a French chef, told PEOPLE she tried to warn Bello of what her cancer would mean for their relationship. “She’s like, ‘I’m here and I’m going to be here for all the time during the time of this’ and she’s been by my side,” Crenn said.