Who is the best player in Madden 25?

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Who is the best player in Madden 25?

Madden NFL 25 Offensive Player Ratings

  • QUARTERBACK. Aaron Rodgers (98) T-2. Tom Brady (97) T-2.
  • RUNNING BACK. Adrian Peterson (99) Marshawn Lynch (96) Arian Foster (95) T-4.
  • WIDE RECEIVERS AND TIGHT ENDS. Calvin Johnson (99) Rob Gronkowski (98) Andre Johnson (97) T-4.
  • OFFENSIVE LINE. Evan Mathis (98) T-2. Joe Thomas (97)

Who is the best QB in Madden 25?

Top 10 Quarterbacks In Madden 25

  • QB 1 Aaron Rodgers – Overall 98 – Top 3 – Throw Accuracy 90, Throw Power 95, Short Throw Accuracy 95.
  • QB 2 Tom Brady – Overall 97 – Top 3 – Throw Power 95, Play Action 95, Awareness 99.
  • QB 3 Peyton Manning – Overall 97 – Top 3 – Awareness 99, Play Action 97, Throw Accuracy 95.

Who is the strongest person in Madden?

AARON DONALD | DE Continuing to redefine what’s possible from the defensive end position, Donald can outmuscle anyone on the field with 99 Strength, making him the strongest player in Madden NFL 22.

Why was it called Madden 25?

Madden NFL 25 is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports. Instead of numbering it Madden NFL 14 with the year like in previous versions, the “25” in the title refers to the 25th anniversary of the Madden NFL series.

Who has the best throw power in Madden 21?

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes – 99 He has the highest ratings of the quarterbacks for Throw Power, Throw Under Pressure, and Throw On The Run.

What QB has strongest arm?

Quarterbacks with the strongest arms in NFL history

  • Dan Marino: Arguably one of the best NFL players with the strongest arm, Marino had the purest passes the game has ever seen.
  • Brett Favre: The canon hand broke many fingers and gave Favre the nickname “the old gunslinger” for his exceptionally strong arm.

Who is the fastest player in Madden?

Hill is the fastest player in Madden 19, with 98 speed, 97 acceleration, and 98 agility all of which are the best in the game. Hill is simply an electric athlete who is deadly with the ball in his hands.

Who is the best Madden 18 player?

GettyVon Miller joins Tom Brady and Aaron Donald as the highest rated Madden 18 players. Miller and Donald share the honor of top rated defensive player this year. Miller is helped by a 92 awareness and 94 tackle.

What does Madden mean in NFL?

Madden NFL. Madden NFL (originally known as John Madden Football until 1993) is an American football video game series developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. It is named after Pro Football Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden, and has sold more than 130 million copies, and influenced many players and coaches of the physical sport.