Who is the heir to the Vongola Family?

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Who is the heir to the Vongola Family?

After being informed that he is the heir to the Vongola Family, due in part to him being the great-great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss from 400 years ago, as well as the untimely deaths of the other candidates for the position, he is trained into becoming a mob-boss by the infant Vongola hitman Reborn.

Who is the first generation boss of Vongola?

This fact had its roots on the peculiar character of the first-generation boss, who would welcome pretty much anyone that he took a liking of. Also known as Vongola Primo, is the first-generation boss and the man who was directly responsible for the creation of the Vongola Famiglia.

Who are the rain Guardians of the Vongola Famiglia?

The first man to take up the title of Rain Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia, Asari Ugetsu had a friendly and easy going personality. He also spoke in a very polite form of speech and wore clothes that would usually belong to a man of high status in Japan of his time. He was known as ” the passing rain of blessing that washes away everything “.

Who are the Guardians of the Vongola Rings?

The Vongola Rings are priceless, powerful Vongola treasures, and are part of the Tri-ni-set (7³) policy, together with the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. They are held by the Boss of every generation of the Vongola and the six people most suited to be the Guardians.


When did the Vongolas Reborn manga come out?

The Vongolas’ most powerful hitman, a gun-toting infant named Reborn, is sent to teach Tsuna how to be a boss. The manga’s chapters were serialized in Japan in Shueisha ‘s Weekly Shōnen Jump from May 2004 to November 2012 and have been published in forty-two tankōbon volumes.

Who are the other bosses in Vongola reborn?

Besides Tsuna, the only other three bosses to take a place in the anniversary polls are Giotto, Timoteo, and Daniela . Despite not having any lines in either manga or anime, Daniela placed 10th and 6th in the fourth and fifth anniversary Popular Character polls, respectively.

What does Vongola Famiglia New Year versus mean?

New Year’s Family Versus – A tradition that begins the year to show the family’s enthusiasm for the year. It’s a battle between allied families. Representatives from each family participate in New Year themed competitions. The marks awarded decide the winner and the winning family receives a generous prize.