Who is the owner of Circoloco?

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Who is the owner of Circoloco?

Antonio Carbonaro
In a recent interview, Antonio Carbonaro, CircoLoco Founder, stated that: “CircoLoco has always been about the passion for finding the best music, supporting artists and bringing them to the people in the purest way possible.

Is DC10 opening this year?

DC10 announce plans to open in 2021 – The Real Ibiza.

When did DC 10 open?

The DC-10 was intended to succeed the DC-8 for long-range flights. It first flew on August 29, 1970; it was introduced on August 5, 1971, by American Airlines. The trijet has two turbofans on underwing pylons and a third one at the base of the vertical stabilizer.

What day is Circoloco Ibiza?

Circoloco 2020 will take place every Monday at DC10, with the opening party kicking off on the 18th May 2020. Check out the listings, lineups and ticket information as soon as they become available below.

What does DC10 stand for?

Acronym. Definition. DC10. Douglas DC10 (airliner; McDonnell Douglas)

What did DC10 used to be called?

Founded in 1999, the Circoloco parties (also written as Circo Loco) first took place at DC10 in Ibiza. Circoloco initially began as a free after-party event on Monday mornings. Starting at 6 am until 6 pm. This was infamously known as ‘The Monday Morning Sessions’….

Website Circoloco on Facebook

Who owns DC10?

Andrea Pelino
DC10 owner Andrea Pelino added: “In my opinion, this is the best installation we have had at DC10.

What is the difference between DC 10 and MD 11?

In terms of speed, the MD-11 is a slightly faster aircraft than the DC-10. The MD-11 is Mach 0.01 faster than the DC-10, mostly thanks to the MD-11’s newer and much faster engines. The MD-11 is also a longer and taller aircraft.

Who owns DC10 Ibiza?

Throughout the years, the four entrepreneurs have grown DC10 to such a level, that it has now become a reference point for the world of what the Ibiza music scene has to offer….

Venue DC10, etc.
Years active 1999–present
Organised by Circoloco
Website Circoloco on Facebook