Who orders 66 characters?

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Who orders 66 characters?

Order 66’s Characters (16 / 199)

  • 92 % Darth Vader.
  • 92 % Emperor Palpatine.
  • 83 % Darth Revan.
  • 82 % Bastila Shan (Fallen)
  • 66 % Darth Nihilus.
  • 65 % Darth Sion.
  • 58 % Darth Malak.
  • 62 % Count Dooku.

Did Omega Squad disobey Order 66?

The Clone Commandos of Omega Squad were the protagonists of the Expanded Universe Republic Commando novels. Due to Skirata’s influence and support for Darman, Omega Squad refused to follow Order 66.

Did any Jedi survive Order 66?

In fact, not every Jedi died as a result of Order 66, although many that did survive died shortly after. Some managed to fight and win against the clones that attacked them. Some were rescued from execution, such as Grogu in The Mandalorian.

Is CT 6666 Canon?

No! Sixes! But you’re not canon! During the Clone Wars, Sixes was known to have destroyed more battle droids than any other clone during the war.

What happened CT 6666?

Though surprisingly CC-6666 and his personnel marched through impossible odds and defeated the ground forces in the sector. In fact they moved so far as to destroy the Core ship nearby by landing LAATs next to the landing gears and detonated their munitions. Destroying the legs and the Core Ship with them.

Is CT 6666 real?

CT-6666, nicknamed “Sixes,” was a clone Trooper who served during the Clone Wars. He was widely regarded as legendary, so much that even the Sith Lord Darth Vader remembered him fondly.

What does Order 66 mean in Star Wars?

If the Order was given, the clones were supposed to execute their Jedi Generals or any Jedi around them. The only clones that would execute their Jedi General would be ones to receive the order. This order also meant that the clones would kill any force-sensitive being around them, such as maul or Ahsoka Tano.

When was the first report of Order 66?

The first report of Order 66 being carried out was in 19 BBY when Clone Trooper Tup, had his chip malfunction and carried out the order prematurally. During the Battle of Ringo Vindo, Tup saw Jedi General Tiplar and walked towards her where he put up his weapon and shot her without hesitation.

How did the clone troopers carry out Order 66?

In addition to the memorization, organic chips were placed in each clone trooper’s head. It made them carry out the orders, but some troopers were able to resist the chip. Order 66 commanded all the clone troopers to kill their Jedi officers in the event that they had betrayed the Republic.

Who are the Jedi that died in order 66?

Order 66 commanded all the clone troopers to kill their Jedi officers in the event that they had betrayed the Republic. Almost all the Jedi were exterminated because of this. Very few Jedi survived this such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Kanan Jarrus.