Who played the Baldwin sisters on The Waltons?

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Who played the Baldwin sisters on The Waltons?

The Baldwin sisters, played by Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson, were quirky yet refined and brought all kinds of storylines to “The Waltons.” One of the most notable (and funny) scenes with the sisters included them sharing tastes of their father’s “recipe” (moonshine) to neighbors and passersby.

Who was Miss Emily on The Waltons?

Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson, 95, a character actress best remembered for portraying Miss Emily Baldwin on the CBS series “The Waltons,” died Saturday of complications from Parkinson’s disease at her home in Hollywood, said her assistant, Woody Roll.

Who did Elizabeth Walton marry?

Drew goes away to college. Drew later returns to Walton’s Mountain to work in the mill, and Elizabeth tells her father that she will eventually marry Drew.

Which Baldwin sister was the oldest on The Waltons?

Mamie Baldwin is one of the eldest of The Baldwin Sisters. She is the sister of Emily Baldwin.

Did Ashley Longworth ever appear on The Waltons?

On The Waltons, the elder siblings continually pine for their lost love, a near-mythical man named Ashley Longworth. In season seven, in the episode “The Legacy,” Longworth at last shows up. Well, his son, Ashley Longworth, Jr.

Are The Waltons true stories?

Setting. The main story is set in Walton’s Mountain, a fictional mountain-area community in fictitious Jefferson County, Virginia. The real place upon which the stories are based is the community of Schuyler in Nelson County, Virginia.

Are any of the Hamners still alive?

Bill Hamner (l) died in 1989. His wife, Brenda, lives in the Richmond, Virginia area. Bill’s three children are Harold, Hope and Gail. Paul Hamner (r) lives in Tom’s River, New Jersey and is retired from the Baker Shoe Store chain.

Who was the oldest Baldwin sister on The Waltons?

“’The Waltons’ was a real joy and a magnificent tribute to Earl Hamner. Earl gave me two things, don’t you know, that I will always cherish and be thankful for: Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie) as my older sister and the TV series ‘The Waltons’……and he gave me Ashley Longworth.

Did Erin get divorced on The Waltons?

Although it’s Erin’s most successful relationship, it doesn’t really end too spectacularly. It is later revealed during one of the reunion movies that the two got divorced because Paul was unfaithful. She married Rob Wickstrom in 1988 and the two divorced in 1996.

Are any of the real Waltons alive?

The last one aired in 1997. Hamner, whose own family included two children, is survived by his wife, Jane; son, Scott; and daughter, Caroline.