Who plays Pip Archer in The Archers?

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Who plays Pip Archer in The Archers?

Daisy Badger
Pip Archer

Fact title Fact data
Played by: Daisy Badger
Born: 17 February 1993
Status: Single
Occupation: Farmer

What happened to Kathy Perks in The Archers?

No sooner had she picked herself up from that shock than she was left reeling by a cruel rape attack at the hands of a former colleague. She slowly recovered and found solace in her son Jamie and her relationship with Kenton Archer.

What has happened to Alice in The Archers?

For several years now, Alice has often struggled to stick to just one drink, but the stresses brought by 2020 have led to her using alcohol as a crutch. Alice’s problematic drinking sabotaged her career, and she was left with no choice but to quit her job at Pryce Baumann.

Is Helen Monks in The Archers?

Career. In 2005, Monks became Birmingham’s first Young Poet Laureate, aged 13. That same year she was cast in the radio soap-opera The Archers on BBC Radio 4, taking on the role of Pip Archer. In 2015, Monks came third in the finals of the Funny Women Awards.

Where did the name Pip come from in the archers?

Pip Archer (born Philippa Rose Archer, 17 February 1993) (Daisy Badger; previously Helen Monks) was christened Philippa in homage to David’s father and Rose after Ruth’s aunt: the eldest Brookfield child is known in the family as Pip, and at college as Phiz.

What did Pip Archer do at Brookfield dairy?

After graduating from Felpersham University, Pip took up a top agri-business job, only to walk out after a week and talk her dad into employing her at Brookfield. Pip’s a natural with the dairy herd, sheep and beef cattle, and during the flood her quick thinking saved the Brookfield dairy.

Who are the members of the group The Archers?

The Archers. The Archers were one of America’s earliest Contemporary Christian music groups. They were originally brothers Tim and Steve Archer, Fred Satterfield, Nancye Short and Billy Rush Masters. After Masters and Short departed in 1977, sister Janice Archer joined.

Who are the children of Phil Archer in the archers?

Jill Archer née Patterson (born 3 October 1930) ( Patricia Greene) is the widow of Phil Archer and matriarch of the family. She was his second wife, and with him had four children: twins Shula and Kenton, and David and Elizabeth.