Who uses Nobels ODR-1?

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Who uses Nobels ODR-1?

And so the ODR-1 was born. Since it’s original launch in the ’90s, the pedal has gone on to become a favorite with many respected players, particularly in the Nashville session scene where it’s currently the go-to pedal for the likes of Guthrie Trapp and Tim Pierce.

Is Nobels ODR-1 true bypass?

You’ll love the warm mid-gain tones for rock and blues, and the screaming hard rock sounds from the ODR-1 Mini. Plus the mini features true-bypass switching, the SPECTRUM pot with mid-click, fluorescent pointers on the “GitD“ – knobs (Glow-in-the-Dark).

Is ODR-1 a Tubescreamer?

Features: While the Tubescreamer and Klon circuits are often described as sounding like some flavor of bluesy, the ODR-1 can be thought of as more rock-n-roll.

What type of overdrive is Nobels ODR-1?

tube-amp style
Rated the best overdrive by Nashville studio guitarists, the Nobels ODR-1 presents a natural, tube-amp style overdrive that is versatile, amp-like, and affordable.

Does Nobels ODR Mini have bass cut?

After requests from players, German brand Nobels have added an internal Bass Cut switch under the pedal’s battery cover to offer added control over your low end.

What is the JHS Morning Glory based on?

classic Marshall Blues Breaker
Morning Glory Features A flexible booster/overdrive pedal based on the classic Marshall Blues Breaker.

What is the belle overdrive based on?

Nobels ODR-1
The Belle Overdrive, meanwhile, is a low gain-focused pedal that’s based on “a firm favorite in Nashville”… We’re taking a wild guess that’s referring to old session favorite, the Nobels ODR-1.

What is the MXR sugar drive based on?

overdrive pedal
It’s based on a rare overdrive pedal that has acquired a mythical reputation among fanatical tone-seekers thanks to its unique circuit design. The key elements of that circuit design are the Drive control and something called a voltage doubler.

Is JHS Morning Glory a clone?

It’s answered in the other thread: The Morning Glory is a copy of the Marshall Bluesbreaker which isn’t in production, but was picked up as the King of Tone by Analogueman. The both go for roughly the same price. I just got a Soul Food, which is a transparent OD from EHX.

Is the Morning Glory a good pedal?

It is the best overdrive pedal that I have used. It is extremely transparent and really just gives your tone a boost of a little gain. This is excellent for a clean boost or a light overdrive. This pedal stacks great with my stage 2 overdrive, a JHS Twin Twelve.

What is the Wampler Plexi drive based on?

The Plexi-Drive Mini harnesses the original’s Marshall Plexi and JTM45-esque tones, but adds a fresh Mid Boost circuit. Pedal guru Brian Wampler claims the new boost tweaks several gain stages at once for considerable tonal flexibility, bolstered by the returning Bass Boost toggle, Tone, Gain and Volume controls.