Who was Josette DuPres in the Dark Shadows?

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Who was Josette DuPres in the Dark Shadows?

She is most famously known for taking her own life at Widows’ Hill, having been the first of three people to fall off the cliff. Josette DuPres was born in 1774, to Andre and Marie DuPres, She was raised in France, her father Andre DuPres was a wealthy plantation owner of the West Indies ( 409 ).

Who was the first actress to play Josette DuPres Collins?

Actress Kathryn Leigh Scott happened to be nearby and commented that the effect was very unconvincing. The director agreed and cast her in the role instead. Josette was the first character in the series to be played by an actor who was already portraying another character.

Where did Barnabas Collins and Josette DuPres Collins meet?

In 1792, Josette met Barnabas Collins in Martinique, originally his job was too teach her English, those nights he spent with her in Martinique were the happiest time of their lives ( 239 ).

Why did Jeremiah want to marry Josette DuPres Collins?

Jeremiah was touched at his wife’s devotion, and explained that he was going to fight for her sake; if he lived he would make a good life for her, and if he died she would be free to marry again. Josette insisted that she did not wish to be free.

How did Barnabas and Josette du Pres re-appear?

Josette re-appeared in the 1840 parallel time storyline. In this alternate reality, Barnabas never became a vampire and married Josette. Barnabas had died but Josette was still alive as an elderly widow. Her son Bramwell was the protagonist dealing with a curse placed upon the family by their ancestor Brutus Collins.

How did Jeremiah and Josette du Pres get married?

Jeremiah and Josette eloped and were married; this incited Jeremiah and Barnabas to duel, ending in Jeremiah’s death. Still under Angélique’s spell, Josette disavowed her previous love for Barnabas, exclaiming that she would always love Jeremiah. Through a series of machinations, Angelique tricked the broken-hearted Barnabas to marry her.