Who will the next Smite God be?

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Who will the next Smite God be?

The Celtic pantheon gains an assassin. A new assassin is on her way to Smite. Divine deities, prepare to face Cliodhna, queen of the banshees.

How many Smite gods are there 2021?

There are currently 117 playable gods in the game.

What is the next season of Smite?

The Smite Season 8 release date is currently slated for Tuesday, January 26. The new season will remove the variance system from ranked play while hard resetting players’ MMR, alongside introducing the expected bug fixes and champion balance changes.

Is Tiamat out in smite?

Update: Developers Hi-Rez has confirmed on February 3 that Tiamat will be released to the main game on February 23 alongside update 8.2. Original Story: Smite’s world champions fight to see who will walk away as the Season 7 champions, and everyone is excited about the brand new god arriving in Season 8.

Is Smite still popular 2021?

There were more than 40 million registered Smite players in Q2 2020. Smite is not very popular on console – a peak of 24,000 people played the game on PC in August 2021 (Steam). Smite makes for a super popular eSports in 2021 – the Smite World Championship 2021 was watched by a peak of 98,000 concurrent viewers.

Is SMITE Alive 2020?

The thing is, it is alive and healthy for now. However, League of Legends: Wild Rift will be releasing on console this year. A lot of the players on Smite come from console, and only play it because well… it’s the only MOBA on console.

Is SMITE pay to win?

It’s totally free. “Smite” is free-to-play without being pay-to-win, as it offers five gods that are always free, one for each class, and five gods that rotate every month. After a reasonable amount of playtime, one can easily earn enough to buy any god they wish.

Is Tiamat good SMITE?

Tiamat is an extremely technical goddess to control in Smite. When she dives to the ground and is on all fours, Tiamat has significantly more damage mitigation, and if you build her correctly, she can become a bruiser for the team. If you’re struggling to find a way to approach Tiamat, it can be overwhelming.