Who wrote the song Deep Ellum Blues?

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Who wrote the song Deep Ellum Blues?

Joe Shelton
Bob Shelton
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Who sang Deep Elem Blues?

Grateful Dead
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What album is Deep Elem Blues on?

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What is the meaning of Deep Ellum?

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood composed largely of arts and entertainment venues near downtown in East Dallas, Texas. The name is based on a corruption of the area’s principal thoroughfare, Elm Street. Older alternative uses include Deep Elm and Deep Elem.

How did Deep Ellum get its name?

Deep Ellum was established in 1873 as both a residential and commercial neighborhood. Originally called Deep Elm as much of the activity centered around Elm Street just east of downtown Dallas, the pronunciation “Deep Ellum” by early residents gave rise to the district’s current name.

Is Deep Ellum a safe area?

Deep Ellum has always been a marginally safe area. The main streets with the rows of bars/clubs/restaurants are fine, but the alleys, parking lots and side streets can be pretty dark at night. Yes, there fairly frequent incidents of muggings and purse snatchings after dark.

Where does Deep Ellum get its name?

Is Deep Ellum safe at night?

Who is Deep Ellum owned by?

Deep Ellum Brewing Has Been Sold to Austin’s Canarchy Craft Brewing Collective. Its founder says the sale will allow for expansion. The sale of Deep Ellum Brewing to Canarchy Craft Brewing Collective, as reported by Brewbound, will mean many things for Deep Ellum founder John Reardon.

Is Deep Ellum a good place to live?

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas with a population of 6,448. Deep Ellum is in Dallas County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. In Deep Ellum there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Deep Ellum and residents tend to be liberal.

What can you do in the Deep Ellum during the day?

10 Fun Things to Do In Deep Ellum, Dallas

  • Go Treasure Hunting At Lula B’s Antique Mall.
  • Explore Outdoor Arts And Murals.
  • Shop For Designer Vintage At Elluments.
  • Laugh Out Loud At Dallas Comedy House.
  • See A Show At Trees.
  • Curl Up At Murray Street Coffee.
  • Dance At Truth And Alibi.

Who wrote Deep Ellum Blues?

Jerry and his first wife Sara Ruppenthal perform ” Deep Elem Blues ” at Top of the Tangent in Palo Alto of May 1963 from the upcoming Jerry Garcia retrospective, Before The Dead, our May 11th! In 1935 the Shelton Brothers (Bob & Joe) composed and recorded this song about the Dallas, Texas, entertainment neighborhood known as Deep Ellum.

Who wrote Deep Elm Blues?

The first known recording was made by the Cofer Brothers under the name of the Georgia Black Bottom on OKeh Records . The Shelton Brothers recorded various versions of this song, the first being cut in 1933 with Leon Chappelear under the pseudonym of Lone Star Cowboys for Bluebird Records .

What is Deep Elem Blues?

The ” Deep Ellum Blues ” is an American traditional song. The title of the tune refers to historical African-American neighborhood in downtown Dallas, Texas, known as Deep Ellum, and a home to music legends Blind Lemon Jefferson , Blind Willie Johnson , Lead Belly, and Bill Neely . Sometimes the song’s title is spelled “Deep Elem” or “Deep Ellum”.