Why did Citroen stop making the C5?

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Why did Citroen stop making the C5?

The Citroën C5 has been axed from the UK car market due to shrinking sales, with just 237 examples of the Ford Mondeo rival selling here last year. The 2015 figure represents 0.5% of the sales the C5 achieved in its best-selling period, 2001 to 2004, when 45,502 were delivered to British customers.

Is the Citroen BX a good car?

Owners old and new were impressed and the BX became a great success. The BX’s styling was a break with the past yet still off-beat, but its roomy body, great handling, magic-carpet ride and sprightly performance made it a popular car like no Citroen had ever been before.

How many Citroen BX are left?

2021 2017

What happened to Citroen C5?

After four years out of production in Europe, the C5 name was revived for a third generation. Its design will be inspired by the third generation of C4, no longer having a three-box design, but a liftback with nods to crossovers….Third generation (2021)

Citroën C5 X
Platform PSA EMP2
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Is Citroen C5 aircross worth buying?

Yes, Citroen C5 Aircross is a good pick. The Citroen C5 Aircross comes across as a great family SUV. It has space for five and their luggage, a performance that is smooth as it is usable, excellent ride comfort, and a design that makes it stand out with ease.

Is Citroen C5 reliable?

Generally, Citroen doesn’t have the best reputation for reliability, but the C5 has impressed its owners. Complaints are few and far between. Almost every used Citroen C5 started life as a company or fleet car, so condition will vary. Buy only the tidiest examples that look like they’ve been cared for.

What replaced the Citroen C5?

Engineers from Citroen, one of the more attainable brands of new automaker Stellantis, have been spotted testing a model to replace the C5 sedan that bowed out a few years back, and to a lesser degree the C6 as well. Citroen’s C6 is still one of the coolest looking full-size sedans.

Is Citroen C5 Aircross AWD?

Engine and Performance Powering the C5 is a 2.0-litre diesel engine that makes 175bhp and a massive 400Nm of torque and it powers the front wheels only so no AWD here.

Does the Citroen C5 have heated seats?

*Standard on Flair and Flair Plus. The front seats in New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV provide premium level comfort as well as being heated. The driver seat has a multi-point massage system that uses 8 pneumatic pockets fitted in the seat back.

Is Citroen C5 worth buying?