Why did my electric toothbrush stop working?

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Why did my electric toothbrush stop working?

There are two main causes for charging faults inside the toothbrush, either damaged components for example from being dropped or from water seeping inside, or a failed battery.

How long does a Braun electric toothbrush last?

3-5 years
Life Span. The average life span of an electric toothbrush is 3-5 years.

How do you reset a Braun toothbrush?

To turn the toothbrush off, hold the on/off button until the brush stops. When you turn it back on again, it will be back in Daily Clean mode. You can reset the handle by holding on/off button for 10 seconds. All the lights should do a double-blink simultaneously to let you know that this has been successful.

Why is my Oral B Braun toothbrush not working?

The best thing to do is to put it on the charger for 30 minutes or so, and then try to switch it on. It should blink green during charging. Note that this can take up to 15 minutes to start happening if the toothbrush was entirely drained of battery during brushing. When charging is complete, the blinking should stop.

How often should you get a new electric toothbrush?

three to four months
Your dentist along with the ADA will always recommend replacing your electric or manual toothbrush after using it for three to four months at a minimum. Doing so will keep your mouth healthy and clean, and keep the germs away as well.

What does it mean when my Oral-B toothbrush flashes red?

What does the red light on my Oral-B electric toothbrush mean? If the red light is near the bottom of the handle, this could be the low battery indicator (PRO 1000 and above). It lights up when it’s time to charge your toothbrush, as there is only enough power left in the battery for 1 or 2 more brushes.

How often should I change my electric toothbrush?

Every 3 months. This is how often you should replace your electric toothbrush head. It is also the same time period that you should replace or change your manual toothbrush. You should replace the toothbrush or the brush head sooner if the bristles of the head are clearly worn, frayed or damaged in any way.