Why does the UKM have an electronic journal?

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Why does the UKM have an electronic journal?

The purpose of having an electronic journal by the Faculty is in line with the UKM’s official status as a research university under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

What is the purpose of E Bangi journal?

As an electronic journal, e-Bangi Journal provides an additional premise for intellectual discourse, dissemination of research findings and theoretical debates among academics and researchers in Malaysia and world-wide. Language & Linguistic. 1. Arts & Humanities 2. Social Sciences

Is the UKM library responsible for any misuse?

UKM Library is not responsible for any reproduced, retain, redistribute or any misused of any copyright publication for which a commercial charge applies or legally obligated. UKM Library Users are responsible for any charges or any legal action that their use may incur.

How often is the Social Sciences e-Bangi journal published?

Social Sciences e-BANGI Journal is bilingual, that is Bahasa Malaysia and English and publication of articles will be FOUR times a year (January, May, July and November) for a regular issues. For special issues, it is based on demand and request from the authors and institutions.

What is the purpose of the journal Akademika?

It is a refereed journal published by UKM Press that is committed to the advancement of scholarly knowledge by encouraging discussion of several branches of the social sciences and humanities. The journal publishes articles and book reviews whose content and approach are of interest to a wide range of scholars.

Is there an International Journal of Islamic Studies?

Founded in 1977, Islāmiyyāt (ISSN 0126-5636 / e-ISSN 2600-8556) is a referred international journal of Islamic studies; published by UKM Press and indexed by Index Islamicus, ProQuest, UDLedge, MyCite, MyJurnal and UJAR (UKM Journal Article Repository). The journal published in Bahasa Melayu, English and Arabic languages.

When was the first issue of Ijit published?

The international perspective of the journal reflected by its international authors, international editors, international reviewers, international member of advisory board, international access and its trilingual approach (English, Arabic and Malay). Founded in 2012, IJIT published in June and December annually.

Where is the open access journal Ijit registered?

The Society is registered in Malaysia under Malaysian Registrar of Societies -ROS (PPM-011-10-02082012). IJIT is an Open Access Journal that users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles.