Why is Lumahai Beach dangerous?

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Why is Lumahai Beach dangerous?

Lumahai is a scenic beach on the north shore of Kauai where the Lumahai Stream drains at the far west side. This beach tends to have shore break and a strong undertoe, so make sure to watch for dangerous waves. Because the stream can be polluted, it is recommended to stay away from the stream.

Is Lumahai Beach Safe?

Lumahai is the subject of many postcards and paintings, but is also known on island as one of the most dangerous beaches for drownings and is not recommended for swimming. During the summer months the conditions at Luimahai are calmer, but still use caution. Lumahai is exposed to open ocean and strong currents.

Are Hawaii beaches dangerous?

Certain ocean conditions can make Hawaii’s beaches hazardous for swimming — namely high surf, dangerous shorebreaks and strong currents. These conditions vary depending on season and location, but some spots are consistently hazardous. It is not recommended to swim at a beach that has no lifeguard tower.

What does the word lumahai mean?

Lumahai Beach is Kauai’s equivalent of the Venus Fly Trap. By all measure Lumahai Beach is “drop dead” gorgeous.

Is Poipu beach dangerous?

Above: Popular Poipu beaches are the island’s deadliest. Powerful rip currents, especially near Nukumoi Point (the sandbar at Poipu Beach), are sometimes present at Poipu beaches and have pulled even the best swimmers out.

What is the most dangerous beach in Kauai?

Hanakapiai beach
Unlike most beaches on Kauai, Hanakapiai has no reef barrier to resist the powerful ocean currents which hit the shore with full force. These conditions make Hanakapiai beach extremely dangerous.

Can you get to Lumahai Beach?

You can get to Lumahai beach by driving along the Kuhio highway (Highway 560) to the north of Princeville. As you drive past Hanalei (Bay) towards Haena, you will reach the access points to the beach. Look for a small paved parking lot and a fresh trail that leads to the beach (not up the cliffs.)

What is the most dangerous Beach in Maui?

Big Beach
Big Beach in Makena in Maui had the most spinal chord injuries – 22 in the five-year period.

What does Paumalu mean?

History. Sunset Beach was originally called “Paumalu”, which means “taken by surprise” in Hawaiian. According to Hawaiian legend, a woman who was known for her octopus-catching ability was told by an elder to limit her catch.